As the cornerstone of tomorrow's future city, the young in spirit are an integral part of and&. In proud partnership with Cronos Leuven the and& community has been designed for those who want to get inspired & create a positive change around their community.

By volunteering you will see how the new and& summit & festival is built and operated – from the inside. You will meet & learn from the brightest minds and become part of our community. It’s an opportunity to practice soft & organizational skills in a realistic setting and a chance to engage in leadership. You’ll gather exclusive inspiration, knowledge & will simply have a good time.

Our partner Cronos Leuven boasts an innovative ecosystem with a real focus on entrepreneurship and young starters. Cronos is a pure embodiment of the vision in which entrepreneurship requires a certain skill set and a mindset which offers starters the confidence and knowledge to grasp their own future. This is translated into an inspirational & connecting program in the run-up to the and& summit & festival.

Please browse through our website to learn more about volunteer opportunities & rewards. Sign up for the and& community is now open!


If you have any questions or you would like to volunteer as a group, please contact us at